Sector Overviews


Automakers Win by Going Long

By Andrew Martschenko

Automotive brands once again lead the Best Global Green Brands. They're not only reshaping the industry, but their sustainability efforts are making a difference in terms of perception and performance. Here's why they matter.


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Can You Bottle Authenticity? Sustainability and FMCG Brands

By Rebeca Arbona

The key differentiator between successful FMCG/CPG brand environmental efforts, big and small, and those that fail is the one that’s always been a driver of consumer brand choice: consumers want to associate with brands they admire.


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Pushing Green Innovation Forward

By Nirm Shanbhag

The technology and consumer electronics sector continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible. But unlike decades past, where creating more powerful and more capable electronics were the only priority, today it’s a story of balance between doing more and doing it smartly.


After Dhaka, a Chance to Build a More Humane Supply Chain—and a Stronger Brand

By Jez Frampton

Interbrand’s Global CEO looks at the links between brands’ sustainability aims and supply chain management in the wake of the Bangladesh garment factory disaster—and shows how brands can empower both workers and consumers and build a more positive, transparent image.

Deloitte on Automotive

The Automotive industry continues to be one of leading sectors for BGGB performance in 2013.

Deloitte on FMCG

The FMCG/CPG industry focuses its reporting and quantification on its products and the environmental impacts associated with creating those products.

Deloitte on Technology and Electronics

The Electronics industry focuses their reporting and quantification on electricity and the associated GHG emissions, as this is generally their largest area of impact.