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Johnnie Walker
Johnnie Walker, a leading producer of Scotch whisky, has had a good year and continues to play a leading role in the Diageo portfolio. Selling 17 million equivalent units of its Red and Black labels in the year ending June 2011, Johnnie Walker remains the world’s best-selling whisky and best-selling spirit by value. In the six months following, overall sales went up by 15%. Despite the huge volume, the brand retains its premium positioning — it is the top premium Scotch whisky brand globally. The brand’s simple and elegant architecture translates into a clear differentiation from its competitors and strong understanding by consumers. Its new “Walk with Giants” campaign in Africa, as well as its partnership with influential Chinese blogger HanHan and first Latino spokesperson, DJ Alex Sensation, are strengthening Johnnie Walker’s appeal in emerging markets, helping to offset challenges in Europe. The brand’s sponsorship of the Johnnie Walker Classic in Asia and the Johnnie Walker Championship at Gleneagles keep the brand highly visible while reinforcing its Scottish roots. At the same time, through careful and consistent management, the brand has remained relevant to customers at every price point. Johnnie Walker’s future will remain very promising if it doesn’t stray from its current path.