4,360 $m
Although Kleenex’s social media efforts were lauded by critics and consumers alike, its brand value declined over the past year. Kleenex outspent competitors in advertising, but store brands were the ultimate victors in the category. To reclaim some of this lost market share, Kleenex rolled out Kleenex Cool Touch tissue, and let consumers try the new tissues for free if they sent a Share Package to a friend or family member. Kleenex also launched its “Shield Sneeze Swish” campaign, dedicated to teaching consumers how to prevent colds from spreading. The Kleenex product was originally made of excess material and, today, its cartons are also fully recyclable. Despite its decline in brand value, Kleenex remains a global icon. Its heritage in the facial tissue industry, along with its dedication to consumers and product innovation, continue to position the brand as a worldwide leader in its industry.