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There may be no other vehicle that exudes class and luxury quite like Mercedes-Benz. In the minds of many people, it is still the brand that says, “I’ve arrived.” Its long heritage of excellence in engineering, performance, styling, and safety was dramatically underscored in 2010 by the resurrection of founder Gottlieb Daimler’s guiding motto, “The Best or Nothing.” Laying the groundwork for further growth, the striking campaign reached millions and gave sales a significant boost. Building on that success, this year’s confident “A as in Attack” campaign is now fanning the flames of desire for the new A-Class lineup. Together, with the new B-Class and further model variants based on the same vehicle architecture, the A-Class is expected to be an important driver in the Mercedes-Benz growth strategy going forward. A pioneering brand that has been shaping the future of mobility for more than 125 years, Mercedes-Benz continues to respond to a market that is quickly shifting in favor of green technologies. Setting new efficiency benchmarks, Mercedes-Benz also boasts the most economical luxury class model in the world: the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID. Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to innovation is also evident in the development of forwardlooking technologies like its F125! concept car, essentially a blueprint for the future of luxurious, emission-free vehicles. Additionally, Mercedes-Benz is increasingly leveraging its AMG brand to add driving-performance credentials to the masterbrand. Constantly defining new milestones in terms of vehicle drive systems, safety, comfort, design, and sleek aesthetics, Mercedes-Benz continues to live up to its promises of fascination, perfection, and responsibility.