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As Nokia tries to reinvent itself, its brand value continues to decline. This year, Nokia lost its position as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer by volume and is losing the smartphone battle. However, it is Samsung’s handset business that impacts Nokia most. For consumers, the role of the handset brand has changed as their focus shifts towards the operating system (OS) and the all-important apps they support. As the decline of Nokia’s Symbian OS accelerates, all hopes are placed on the Windows Phone OS. The launch of the Lumia brought Nokia to the world’s attention again, but has yet to earn significant market share. In order to regain its momentum and increase its brand value, Nokia must reconnect with consumers. It must also stay relevant as consumer attention is increasingly drawn to software and less to handsets. There is no doubt that the recent launch of the new Windows Phone 8 handset will be crucial to the brand’s future.