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As was the case before the dot com bubble, the promise of emergent technologies can sometimes feel a bit vague. As the market swooned over social networks, the mobile media revolution, and the all-knowing cloud, GE pulled the ultimate trump card. In 2012, the brand launched GE Works, an integrated communications platform. With gripping imagery and stories of meaningful human outcomes, the campaign reasserted the brand as the world’s maker of “real” things — from job creation in the manufacturing sector to advanced healthcare technologies, GE’s focus has been squarely on asserting its global leadership role. GE Works appears to be working. Growth in its energy infrastructure business, a healthy outlook in industrials, and a revitalized GE Capital demonstrate that the company can follow up on its big bets in green technology (ecomagination), healthcare (healthymagination), and the industrial internet. GE also served as a sponsor of the 2012 London Olympics. And as some of the “can’t-miss” tech brands start to look a little light, GE is reminding the world how imagination really works.