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One of the world’s most recognized premium beer brands, Heineken continues to aggressively stay in front of the market. With its recent efforts to acquire the remaining shares of the Tiger beer operation in Thailand, Heineken has proven it’s serious about solidifying its operational presence in Asia. The brand also continues to develop impactful and memorable global campaigns like the “Heineken Star Serve,” which, appealing to both consumers and beverage servers, advises on how to tap and serve the perfect draught beer. As this campaign illustrates, Heineken is increasingly involving consumers in its business processes to stimulate worldwide conversation about the brand. From launching a website that allows consumers to discuss the perfect draught beer experience to its crowd-sourced nightclub concept that livened up Milan’s Design Week, Heineken is proving that it can mobilize and engage audiences worldwide. With more than five million fans, Heineken’s Facebook presence is more proof of the brand’s ongoing success with efforts to stay globally relevant while maintaining its premium status.