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For the past few years, Kia has been one of fastest-moving global automotive brands. One of only three auto brands to increase US sales each of the past three years, sales are on the rise, even in a difficult market like Europe. Although the lineup is attractive to many cost-conscious consumers, the brand has built a particularly strong connection with Millennials and Gen Y audiences. A more aggressive front end design with the brand’s trademark tiger nose grille helps give Kia an edge that attracts younger drivers and also differentiates it from sister brand, Hyundai. Kia is also promoting the connected life and is appealing to younger segments through technology and alignment with their lifestyles. The automaker is not launching any new vehicles this year, but plans to bring its flagship K9 sedan to the US market. The K9’s premium position should raise the profile of the Kia brand. Looking ahead, Kia’s biggest challenges will be its expansion efforts — opening new stores and producing enough vehicles to meet demand.