6,748 $m
2012 was another year of solid earnings for the French global insurance conglomerate. The company marched forward with its goals in corporate citizenship by joining 26 other insurance companies in signing the Principles for Sustainable Insurance. This move solidifies AXA’s broader corporate responsibility strategy, reinforcing the brand’s image as a trustworthy and sustainable brand. On Facebook, AXA is a success, with approximately half a million friends after just one year. The brand was further enhanced by the reorganization of its advertising strategy, which aimed to create more consistency and best practice sharing across all of its markets. In America, AXA’s global theme “Redefining Standards” has replaced the iconic AXA Gorilla that has been reminding audiences that it is never too early to think about retirement. In his last campaign, the AXA Gorilla had saved enough money to retire and was accepting viewer suggestions as to where he should live out his golden years. The retirement of AXA Equitable’s mascot and the adoption of its global positioning will bring the US operation’s image and messaging into closer alignment with the global AXA brand. A cohesive global identity and deeper commitment to sustainability goals puts AXA in an excellent position to “redefine standards.”