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The world of entertainment has been steadily transforming as audience behaviors evolve, content consumption habits change, and the old gives way to the new. If one brand, however, has demonstrated an ability to remain resilient over the years in the face of change, it is Disney.

The company that launched on the shoulders of one little mouse has expanded to include five key groups: Media Networks, Parks and Resorts, Studio Entertainment, Consumer Products, and Interactive Media. While each division has seen its own share of turmoil, with executive shifts and box office disappointments in the past year, Disney continues to march forward, albeit without a strong vision for its brand. Disney has reported solid earnings this year, driven by growth across all divisions, but it’s worth noting that while the Disney Channel is still a top-rated cable network in the US, recently surpassing Nickelodeon, it’s a small value contributor overall. Disney’s performance in the film business has improved since last year, but was driven largely by the success of a single film: The Avengers. Disney is working to leverage this franchise, which includes plans for an Avengers sequel, and is also planning to launch 3D versions of popular hits like Finding Nemo as well as a slew of films based on Marvel characters like Iron Man and Thor.

Despite the slow economic recovery, Disney’s parks and resorts, which comprise a little over 10% of Disney’s value, saw a rise in attendance and guest spending. Overall, Disney looks healthy financially and shows signs of future success in the movie business, but the strength of the Disney brand itself seems to be gradually eroding. Since the company’s animation renaissance in the 1990s, the flow of original content has ceased in favor of franchises and areas of business that do not originate from Disney’s own creative fount.

To thrive in the long term, Disney must rediscover its core as a global entertainment powerhouse — and reclaim its standing as one of the world’s great innovators. Few companies have a heritage so rich, meaningful and worthwhile to millions of people of all ages and backgrounds around the world. That is not something to be squandered; it is something to build upon.