69,726 $m
While opinions are mixed on Google+ and Google’s other various innovations, overall, the search giant has had a productive year. With minimal room for growth in search engine market share, Google continues to transform itself into a broader IT company. New products and services include the Project Glass augmented-reality head-mounted display, Google TV, as well as Google Drive, a cloud computing service, not to be confused with its efforts to build a self-driving car. The company, known for making bold bets, acquired Motorola Mobility, along with a slew of its patents, which could help Android fight off companies with competing mobile operating systems. Still, Google faces stiff competition from the likes of Apple and Microsoft. Google+ has failed to muscle in on Facebook, and Google Buzz was closed. The company also needs to build trust among consumers following online privacy concerns, Oracle’s allegations of copyright infringement, and the EU’s antitrust lawsuits. Despite these challenges, Google’s revenue has soared this year. The promising Motorola Mobility acquisition and the strength of new and improved products have fueled an impressive 26% increase in brand value, on top of a similar increase last year.