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After a tough year in 2010, Kellogg’s has a new CEO at the helm and is ushering in change with new product introductions like a Special K cookbook and its first gluten-free cereal to the US market. While Kellogg’s has long had a reputation for offering healthy, wholesome food, revelations that Kellogg’s contributed funds to defeat Proposition 37—a GMO-labeling initiative in California—has put a dent in the big K. With a strong brand identity, popular product lines, and a new focus on overseas growth, Kellogg’s will continue to be a strong force in the FMCG category. As consumers become more educated—and determined to avoid ingredients perceived as unhealthy—Kellogg’s will have to prioritize transparency and take steps to transition away from genetically modified ingredients. This is especially important for a brand whose heritage rests on the promise of healthy food.