6,897 $m
Continuing to push the boundaries of the industry, balancing a magnificent history with an eye to the future, Cartier endures as the luxury house that is “known by many, owned by few, and dreamt about by all.” Exceeding analysts’ expectations, it successfully faced market changes and slowdowns with USD $2.65 billion in annual profits, remaining relevant to customers. Striking the right balance between heritage and modernity is key to Cartier’s success. It understands how to not only get the balance right in product, but also in the experience it creates around the brand. Building on the launch of L’Odyssée de Cartier, a 2012 film featuring the work of film director Bruno Aveillan and composer Pierre Adenot, the brand has incorporated the video into immersive experiences paired with displays of iconic pieces and new creations. This unique experience took over Selfridge’s Wonder Room in London in August 2013. The launch of its Paris Nouvelle Vague, which leverages the strong Parisian history and elegance of Cartier, but presents the collection through the idea of seven moods of Parisian women, also incorporated both physical and digital elements. Launch events include seven videos representing each of these moods. Embracing digital with a new e-catalog, Cartier reaches customers and tells its rich story in a contemporary way. The brand’s strong allure, coupled with its modern viewpoint, establishes a strong platform for the future.