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Even in difficult market conditions, Ford was the number two brand in Europe for the fifth straight year and its loyal fan base in the US remains strong, with one in six new car buyers reporting they will consider the brand when purchasing. Ford continues to sustain significant power, despite some customer frustrations with the MyTouch user experience. With so many technical changes happening at once, quality scores are suffering in the short term. But Ford’s global “Go Further” tagline is a strong indication of the brand’s desire to engage a new generation of consumers and its commitment to democratizing technology in order to accelerate the brand’s responsiveness to marketplace needs. The voice activation and smartphone-like touchscreens in the infotainment systems, for example, now incorporate knobs for functions like volume control. Ford is also focused on global expansion. In China, where only 58 out of every 1,000 people own cars, Ford believes its market share can grow to six percent by 2015. It is investing nearly USD $5 billion in local assembly, engine, and transmission plants in China, hoping to catch up to GM and Volkswagen. With the next-generation Mustang hitting the road in 2014 (its 50th anniversary), a strong product lineup, and a respected, recognized brand, Ford is in a solid position to grow its loyal base of customers and gain share in an aggressively competitive global marketplace.