7,648 $m
Despite rapidly changing consumer behavior and an ever-evolving retail landscape, Heinz continues to be the number one ketchup brand globally and second in sauces, generating sales of nearly USD $4.5 billion. Heinz is expanding in large, emerging markets, acquiring leading brands such as Quero in Brazil and Foodstar in China. As it expands, the brand is working to adapt to local consumer consumption habits and preferences like smaller, more portable options. An example of the brand’s commitment to consumer needs is its dual-function “Dip and Squeeze” Ketchup package. Heinz leads the American Consumer Satisfaction Index for Food Manufacturing, scoring well above the industry average. The brand sold more than one billion units to foodservice outlets throughout the year, creating buzz throughout the industry. It continues to innovate in environmentally sustainable packaging with plant-based bottles and lighter, easier to open cans, benefiting both the consumer and environment. It also replaced shrink-wrap with paper sleeves for infant food jars in China. In June 2013, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, along with 3G Capital, completed the acquisition of brand owner H.J. Heinz Co. for USD $28 billion. Known for cost-cutting at all levels, it will likely face a challenging internal landscape over the next few years. Heinz continues to strike a smart balance between being an iconic American brand focusing on its crown jewels and a passionate, growing, forward-thinking, always innovating global company.