7,527 $m
Nestlé faced a tough environment in 2013 with the economic downturn in Europe and softening of emerging markets, but its investment in brand-building activities allowed it to weather the storm. In fact, Nestlé reported an increase in brand spend this year, supporting its positioning around “good food, good life.” The brand placed significant focus around sustainability and improving global wellness this year, advancing the science behind food and nutrition and working to help families meet nutritional needs through tools and education. These commitments not only reinforced its brand positioning, but also strengthened the company’s relationship with consumers through this established trust and reputation. Nestlé has leveraged the strength of its product brands, leaning on innovation to maintain its position in the market. In June 2013, Nestlé Waters North America launched a premium bottled water, resource, with a bottle made from 50 percent recycled plastic. The brand also continues to build its Nestlé Health Science division. Getting people to think about nutrient-based products as a tool in the management of health and disease will undoubtedly be a hurdle, but the gravitas that the Nestlé brand carries—along with its quality, heritage, and R&D expertise—is providing target audiences with a reason to believe in the division’s work. With additional investments in R&D demonstrating its commitment to innovation, the brand is poised to continue its growth in new markets and product areas.