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Pepsi is progressing on its reset effort after several challenging years. Pepsi’s first global campaign, “Live for Now,” has helped define its purpose, bringing its core values to life. A stronger overall focus on the consumer experience is elevating Pepsi’s connections with consumers. The brand hired its first Chief Design Officer, Mauro Porcini, to drive appeal and elicit consumer interest through innovation and design. Ongoing consumer engagement with key celebrity integrations, such as making Beyoncé the brand’s Creative Director, have revived and amplified its role as a pop culture icon. Viral hits like the “Uncle Drew” videos and the “Wheel of Levy” microsite are winning fans, while Pepsi Pulse provides consumers with real-time, sharable content, allowing for more intimate engagement with the brand. Though the cola category faces challenges, Pepsi has responded positively and proactively. In March 2013, the brand unveiled a new single-serve bottle for its Pepsi trademark portfolio, marking its first design update since 1996. The brand is addressing key consumer concerns, such as sugar content, via the lower calorie version of its flagship beverage, Pepsi Next. Building a reputation for its environmental efforts, Pepsi was awarded the 2012 Stockholm Industry Water Award for reducing its water consumption. Delivering a holistic expression of its brand and continuing to engage millions of people around the world through music and digital platforms, Pepsi is making a comeback.