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The New Rules of Brand Leadership

By Jez Frampton

Shedding light on the extraordinary leadership challenges of the 21st Century—and the evolving nature of leadership itself—Interbrand's Global CEO, Jez Frampton, identifies a few areas where brands must pay particular attention in order to lead effectively in these tumultuous and exciting times.

China's New Brand Leaders

By Leslie Butterfield

China is seeing incredibly rapid change in brand strategy and management. Interbrand's Group Chief Strategy Officer Leslie Butterfield, based in Shanghai, says to overcome economic challenges, brands must keep digital and sustainability front and center.

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Creative Leadership in the Post-digital World

By Andy Payne

It's more critical than ever for brands to become connected living experiences, embodying core values. Creativity and design plays a crucial role in leading brands in this era of reinvention.

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Corporate Citizenship 2.0: Leading the Way to a Skill-sharing Economy

By Tom Zara

A new wave of Corporate Citizenship is dawning and brands must prepare to engage internally and with the public, creating tangible and impactful experiences. Here's how brands can lead the change.

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From Information to Intelligence: Unlocking the Promise of Big Data

By Emma Hrustic

Big Data creates big opportunities for brands that see beyond the numbers to the big picture. Here's a look at the tools to help brands navigate and lead.

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Developing a Business Case for Brand Change

By Mike Rocha

Interbrand's Global Director of Brand Valuation, Mike Rocha, explains how the brand valuation model—and a firm with the right skills—can help businesses leverage the power of their brands to reach new levels of profit and prestige.

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3M, Penny Wise

Director, Brand and Core Marketing

3M's culture of innovation, strong Corporate Citizenship, robust product portfolio, and collaborative approach have helped the company earn its leadership position in numerous markets.

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Adobe, Karl Isaac

Director of Brand Strategy and Innovation

With bold vision and a brand portfolio audiences find highly relevant, Adobe is driving digital publishing —and the creative industry— forward.

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Aflac, Michael Zuna

EVP, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

How do you engage and persuade customers in a category that is “sold not bought”? For supplemental insurance leader, Aflac, the challenge is an opportunity to clarify, educate, and demonstrate that it’s willing to go the extra mile to deliver products that enrich lives. [Video]

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Audi, Sven Schuwirth

Head of Brand and Sales Development

With "Vorsprung durch Technik" at the heart of its positioning, Audi intends to lead by understanding customers' future needs better than others do.

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Bayer, Uwe Schmidt

Head of Corporate Branding

Upholding the "Science for a better life" mission for the past 150 years, Bayer creates a strong relationship between innovation and leadership.

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BMW, Dr. Steven F. Althaus

Director Brand Management, BMW and Marketing Services

BMW lives up to its strong leadership claims by providing answers to the economic and environmental challenges of a changing world.

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Chevrolet, Alan Batey

Global Brand Chief

From tailoring vehicles to meet both local and global requirements to sponsoring the one sport that connects the entire world, Chevrolet’s global brand leader talks about what it takes to succeed on the global stage—and create customers for life. [Video]

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DER, Lars Bolle

Vice President, Group Brand Management

One of the leading domestic players in the German travel market, DER Touristik brings its brand strategy to life through design, personalization, digitalization and sharing.

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Deutsche Telekom, Tobias Schmidt

Vice President Brand Management

At a time when digital communication has become indispensable to daily life, Deutsche Telekom is positioning its brand to enable a "sharing lifestyle" and drive technological evolution.

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DuPont, Scott Coleman

Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

DuPont's CMO believes that content is the key to unlocking true collaboration and that its stories serve as constant proof points for the work the company is doing and the changes it wants to make in the world.

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Gucci, Robert L. Triefus

Chief Marketing Officer

Rich in craftsmanship and creativity, Gucci's enduring appeal lies in the balance it strikes between its Italian heritage and its reputation as a fashion leader.

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Harley–Davidson, Mark-Hans Richer

Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Harley-Davidson’s CMO talks about the rebel attitude at the heart of the brand and how customers around the world are living the Harley lifestyle and strengthening the brand’s relevance through shared passion and co-creation. [Video]

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Inditex, Jesús Echevarría

Chief Communications Officer

By listening to consumers and working to meet global fashion demands responsibly, Zara parent Inditex is leading through service and sustainability.

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ING U.S., Ann Glover

Chief Marketing Officer

As America grapples with a potential retirement crisis, ING’s CMO talks about the importance of optimism and what it means to stand for hope in a category—and climate—dominated by fear. [Video]

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Itaú, Fernando Chacon

Chief Marketing Officer

Itaú Unibanco strives to become a bank people love by offering a unique experience, creating alignment between what it says and what it does, and investing in causes it believes in.

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Joyus, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy

Founder & CEO

Joyus, an e-commerce startup, explains how it's changing the way its audience experiences content and buys online.

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Levi's, James Curleigh

Executive Vice President and President, the Levi's® Brand

Levi's talks about its heritage, it cultural impact and the way those who wear its iconic products have always shaped—and continue to shape—the expression of its brand.

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Microsoft, Jeff Hansen

General Manager, Brand Strategy

The new One Microsoft strategy is bringing people together internally to create a unified brand experience that delivers seamlessly across multiple screens and makes life-enhancing technology more accessible. [Video]

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Munich Airport, Michael Otremba

Vice President, Marketing

As an emphasis on benchmarks like passenger flows and connecting time expands to include less tangible ones like atmosphere and quality of service, branding is taking on much greater importance for leading airports like Munich.

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NEC, Mr. Takaaki Shimizu

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Empowered by innovation, NEC is evolving its business model by changing how it thinks.

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Nissan, Roel de Vries

Corporate Vice President, Global Head of Marketing, Communication and Brand Strategy

Find out how Nissan is working to deliver a consistent, distinct position in the marketplace and forge stronger links between its brand and consumers. [Video]

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Panasonic, Takumi Kajisha

Senior Managing Executive Officer

From smart phones to smart cities, Panasonic is reaching beyond its previous business boundaries to let people know it's more than a TV company—and working to build a better world.

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Safran, Jean-Paul Herteman

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

An international manufacturer of high-tech systems and equipment for the aerospace, defense and security industries, Safran leads by developing the potential of its people and designing tomorrow's technologies.

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Samsung, Sue Shim

Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

Responding to a major shift in consumer expectations that demands a greater focus on social purpose, Samsung has defined a "brand ideal" that will live beyond its products.

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Schneider Electric, Aaron Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

By investing in innovation and guiding customers toward comprehensive energy solutions, Schneider Electric is building a world-class brand.

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Sodexo, Ana Busto

Group Senior Vice President of Brand and Communications

Whether it’s moving into a new area of business, recruiting talent, or building partnerships with clients, for Sodexo, Quality of Life is the promise and purpose behind everything it does.

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Travelers, Lisa Caputo

Executive Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Technology and touchpoints are changing, which is why insurance providers like Travelers are emphasizing listening and real-time response to stay relevant.

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Twitter, Joel Lunenfeld

Vice President, Global Brand Strategy

Twitter explains how it uses its platform to take the public pulse, see what’s trending, and stay ahead of the curve.

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Xerox, Tracy Yelenscics

Vice President, Global Brand and Marketing

Xerox revolutionized business with the invention of the photocopier—now it’s building on that heritage to revolutionize services.