22,126 $m
Oracle is one of our top risers with a 28% increase in brand value. The brand is committed to branching out beyond database solutions in order to stay ahead of competitors. The company continues to make strategic acquisitions, like Sun Microsystems, to grow its capabilities and offerings, especially in cloud computing. Oracle’s suit against rival Google (over the use of Java code in Android software) could also be seen as a play to remain relevant. If Oracle prevails, it may be able to influence the development of Android, giving it a valuable foothold in mobile. Oracle has also placed significant emphasis on understanding its clients’ unique needs and providing simplified solutions that reduce complexity and foster innovation. This could help the market better understand Oracle’s total value beyond its products. However, with competitors Microsoft, VMWare, and Google already well-positioned in the cloud, Oracle will need to keep pace and develop more emotional connections with its consumers in order to see itself into the future.