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Top Ten Brands in 2011

1 Coca-Cola71,861 ($m)
2 IBM69,905 ($m)
3 Microsoft59,087 ($m)
4 Google55,317 ($m)
5 GE42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald's35,593 ($m)
7 Intel35,217 ($m)
8 Apple33,492 ($m)
9 Disney29,018 ($m)
10 HP28,479 ($m)
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Top Brand - Best Global Brands 2011

Sue Shim

CMO, Samsung

Samsung Sue Shim

“Put simply, our differentiation is centered on producing innovative technology that brings genuine change to people’s lives. We do this by bringing a relentless focus on consumer experience and product innovation in everything we do.”

We know that it’s not just being different that matters. It’s about being different in a way that counts—something essential to ensuring that businesses stay ahead of their game in an increasingly competitive marketplace. What has Samsung been doing in the last year to ensure that its “different” makes a “difference”?

We are focused on three main priorities to ensure we can make a difference: building and enhancing a single Samsung masterbrand, ensuring consistency in our marketing activity globally, and establishing a closer connection with Samsung’s customers.

Building one core Samsung brand that can differentiate us in the market is essential if we are to have a lasting and competitive advantage in such a rapidly changing marketplace. Our aim is to better define one over arching brand narrative that encompasses Samsung’s various business units, and ensure this is central to customers’ experience of Samsung across product categories.

At the same time we recognize that it is crucial to communicate Samsung’s innovative products and services with a single credible voice, so we have focused strongly on marketing consistency throughout our marketing assets and worldwide markets. This includes a number of initiatives ranging from publishing clear guidelines on the Samsung brand to adopting a hands-on approach in supporting our retail channel through initiatives like Samsung’s Retail Marketing Center.

Finally, building a closer, more emotional connection with Samsung’s customers is one of the best ways to differentiate our products and services in the market. Samsung continues to build a close relationship with our customers worldwide through various brand marketing platforms and activation programs. This includes our recently re-branded global corporate social responsibility (CSR) platform, Hope for Children, as well as sports marketing activity such as Samsung’s sponsorship of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Samsung is one of the few brands that’s seen success across multiple consumer and business sectors (TVs, hand held products, cameras, digital appliances, and semiconductors). How do you ensure you are able to remain differentiated in all of these areas? Is this differentiation a common theme that runs through all of your product areas?

Put simply, our differentiation is centered on producing innovative technology that brings genuine change to people’s lives. We do this by bringing a relentless focus on consumer experience and product innovation in everything we do. Samsung’s world-class R&D and technology capabilities also enable us to bring a wide array of products to market quickly and at unmatched global scale.

Our pursuit of the best technology does not end with our products, however. We are committed to continuously anticipating the needs of our customers as the basis for the successful launch of our products. We are also actively working to reinforce the success of our various product line-ups through offerings such as AllShare.

Customers’ needs are ever-changing. What are the needs of the electronics market today and what are your plans to ensure that the Samsung business adapts and remains flexible to meet these needs?

We take a rigorous market-driven approach in developing our offerings, ensuring we remain flexible while meeting customer requirements.

Through substantial investments in market intelligence and R&D, Samsung continuously focuses on developing deep insights on global customer and market trends. Our dedicated Market Intelligence teams around the globe continually research product usage, purchase behavior, lifestyle and product category trends in order to keep on top of rapidly-changing customer needs now and in the longer-term. Meanwhile, our global Product Innovation Teams (PIT), hubbed in the U.K., U.S., India, and China, work around the clock to interpret market research and develop the insights that help Samsung anticipate and meet the needs of the market around the world.

Samsung made headlines for its LED technology, Galaxy Smartphones, and innovative new designs in many product categories. What is next for Samsung?

First, we aim to maintain and build on the early success of the Samsung Smart TV offering and that of our Galaxy smartphone and tablet product lines—all of them category-defining products that have proven very popular around the world—with cutting-edge technology and design.

Secondly, we are pursuing our aim to become a world-leading player in white goods, digital imaging, and notebook PCs. Recent innovations in these areas include our environment-friendly Eco Bubble technology for home appliances, multi-view/multi-angle digital camera technology that helps customers capture their precious life moments, and the Samsung Series 7 CHRONOS notebook PC. All of these are examples of products that are enriching our customers’ lives with innovative technology, and this remains Samsung’s focus.


Sue Shim is Chief Marketing Officer of Global Marketing Operations at Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest consumer electronics company.

Ms. Shim joined Samsung Electronics in 2006 as Vice President of Global Marketing Operations. In this capacity, she led corporate brand strategies and communications for both business and consumer targets, subsequently elevating the Samsung brand to a premium global level.

Before joining Samsung, Ms. Shim worked for Procter & Gamble for 17 years. She acted as a Global Marketing Director of the Beauty Care Global Business Unit, based in Cincinnati, USA. Ms. Shim graduated from Ewha Women’s University in Korea and completed the Advanced Management Program at the Harvard Business School.