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Since 2006, Kia has placed eco-management at the forefront of its brand management strategy alongside its emphasis on quality and design management. As a result of its efforts, Kia continues to be perceived as a leader in the environmental sustainability sector and joins the Best Global Green Brands list for the first time. Kia has made strides in improving the performance of its vehicles, with a strong focus on enhancing fuel efficiency—for which it has faced US EPA scrutiny and a class-action lawsuit along with corporate sibling Hyundai—and a long-term aim for zero-emission vehicles. The Chief Technology Officer of Hyundai/Kia apologized and promised that fuel efficiency would be corrected, and even offered to reimburse customers. Quick to meet the rising demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, Kia was one of the first automotive manufacturers to implement its Active Eco System, which helps with fuel savings by optimizing the drive train engine and transmission operations. Its 2009 launch of the EcoDynamics brand to represent its environmentally friendly technology was effective in leaving a lasting impression in the minds of consumers and also enabled them to select eco-friendly vehicles more easily. Today, Kia’s entire line-up of electric vehicles, fuel-cell electric vehicles, and hybrids are marketed under the EcoDynamics umbrella. Kia engages its customers through sustainable initiatives such as donating trees and sending college students to environmentally at-risk areas through its EcoDynamics Expedition program. In recent years, Kia has also produced award-winning sustainability reports, garnered international attention for sponsoring major events like World Environment Day, and developed vehicles worthy of the Korean Ministry of Environment’s Certification on Carbon Footprint and the US Life Cycle Assessment Certification for minimizing CO2 emissions. Kia has been part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) since 2009, the DJSI-Asia Pacific index for three consecutive years, and the DJSI-Korea index for four consecutive years.