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Financial Services
AXA, a world leader in insurance and asset management, continues to be strong globally. A recent survey revealed that 75 percent of the brand’s employees are engaged, demonstrating a strong focus on internal brand engagement. This has had an external impact on the brand’s perception and business success, with sales up four percent across all business units. Divest itures, acquisitions, and expansions in emerging markets have all contributed to a solid financial performance. A greater commitment to core competencies that are more closely connected to the brand also boosted performance. AXA has increased its digital acumen and presence, developing a new digital protection product line and executing an interactive and customized annual report. Additional initiatives are underway to provide customers with greater access to digital tools that support an improved customer experience and relevance. Corporate Citizenship is another area of strength for the brand. Always a priority for AXA, this year the brand particularly focused its efforts on employee social responsibility. AXA exemplifies a brand that is acting with responsibility across diverse areas of Corporate Citizenship. Looking beyond “green,” AXA understands the connection and responsibility to employees, customers, government, suppliers, and its communities. AXA will continue to thrive on the global stage if it sustains its momentum, continues to focus on evolving its relationship with customers and employees, and maintains strategic focus on core competencies that directly support the brand.