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Sporty, progressive, sophisticated—the Audi brand fuses advanced technology and design innovation with the aim of bonding with customers. Following another record-setting sales year, the automaker’s 2013 theme reinforces that emotional bonding with the tagline, “My Audi—Pure Passion.” Already the number one luxury brand in consumer consideration in the US (based on GfK research), it’s even bigger in key markets like China, where it’s expanding its dealership network and fueling desire for the brand. Indeed, China is now Audi’s single largest country market, where it recently delivered its two millionth vehicle and saw a 30 percent sales increase in 2012 (representing 28 percent of its total global sales). The influential premium brand has been investing with the goal of setting the industry standard for tech innovation via advances such as its LED technology, Audi e-Sound system, and lightweight construction. While its all-electric R8 e-tron concept car, which set a Nürburgring record last year, won’t be publicly available, the Volkswagen-owned brand is responding to the demand for smaller and more efficient cars with the introduction of its A1 car line in 2012, and its A6 and A8 hybrid models. Its design leadership in the luxury auto sector also plays well to modern consumer perceptions of innovation, while the Audi Urban Future Initiative continues to serve as a forum to engage customers and spark cutting- edge ideas about mobility, sustainability, and megacities.