4,645 $m
Duracell, the “Trusted Everywhere” battery brand, has been meeting global battery needs for decades, dating back to the first alkaline batteries. The Procter & Gamble-owned brand owns 25 percent of the global battery market share and is regarded as one of P&G’s “Leadership Brands.” The brand faces a big challenge maintaining that leadership position, however. Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and other consumer electronics tend to run on their own rechargeable batteries, causing the battery market to decline in recent years. To stem declines, the iconic Copper Top battery maker expanded its product mix with products like the Duracell Powermat, a convenient tool to recharge any gadget. The company recently launched Quantum, a premium sub-brand that it’s calling its most powerful battery to date. Innovation in complementary categories has enabled Duracell to maintain its marketplace presence and remain relevant, including OEM global sales and consulting services. Trust in the brand remains high thanks to key marketing partnerships, including serving as the official battery of the NFL. On social media, Duracell’s community growth exceeds that of its competitors with 4.1 million Facebook likes. Duracell strengthened its emotional connection with consumers through ad campaigns featuring firefighters and other first responders. A related Duracell Power Relief Corporate Citizenship effort has dispatched trucks and trailers to distribute more than 250,000 free batteries to hurricane, blizzard, and other disaster sites.