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Gillette maintains its leadership position thanks to the brand’s internal clarity, ensuring consumers have a distinct understanding of what the Procter & Gamble-owned brand has to offer. P&G commands a whopping 70 percent share of the global razors and blades market, with Gillette at the heart of that success. The brand continues to benefit from an increase in demand for men’s grooming products in fast-developing markets, especially in India. One way Gillette drives this demand is through its longstanding strategy of tying its marketing efforts to sports partnerships. Strategic social marketing generated roughly 870,000 views of its Facebook page, where, for example, runners could enter their race bib number and be instantly tagged in photos during the Malta Marathon. Additionally, Gillette sponsors sporting events such as the Gillette Future Champs tournament in Saudi Arabia, and is also featuring McLaren Racing in ads during the Formula One season. A sexy integrated marketing campaign, “What Women Want,” created significant buzz, featuring Kate Upton, Genesis Rodriguez, and Hannah Simone. On the Corporate Citizenship front, Gillette’s Boston headquarters is one of 45 P&G facilities worldwide to achieve zero waste to landfill status, while a UK factory is composting waste generated from the production of the brand’s shaving foam. Its commitment to sustainability extends beyond renewable energy to greener package design that has reduced the weight of its packaging 20 percent and the amount of plastic used by 57 percent.