4,642 $m
Jack Daniel’s set records in 60 countries and grew 32 percent in Latin America in 2012. An increasing brand value clearly demonstrates the brand is resonating with consumers globally. Its tried-and-true process keeps the brand consistent in product quality, differentiation, and distinctiveness, exemplified in the success of its Tennessee Honey Whiskey. With its broad appeal, this new offering has brought more diverse demographics, such as women and Millennials, to the brand, earned it one million likes on Facebook, and won two awards from the Australian Liquor Society in its first year. Jack Daniel’s also launched two limited editions: Sinatra Select honoring Frank Sinatra, one of the first celebrity endorsers of the brand, and Unaged Tennessee Rye, the first time since before Prohibition that the distillery used a new grain recipe. Product innovation is expected to continue in the coming year. Like its products, the brand’s new campaigns, “The Order of Gentleman,” the first campaign for Gentleman Jack, and “Legend,” celebrating the brand’s place in rock and roll history, reinforce the brand’s authenticity and iconic status. It will be interesting to see if these campaigns spark deeper dialogue in social media about how the brand’s values and characteristics link to and enhance one’s image. Thanks to consistently upholding its values throughout the entire brand experience, Jack Daniel’s continues to maintain its position as a worldwide leader in its industry.