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In the wake of its first global sales decline in nine years, McDonald’s took drastic steps to reaffirm its strong reputation for consumer responsiveness and adaptability. President and CEO Don Thompson replaced US President Jan Fields in November 2012 with Jeff Stratton and named Kevin Newell McDonald’s first US Chief Brand Officer in February 2013, the first such role to steer its American brand strategy. Two months later, Steve Easterbrook was rehired as Global Chief Brand Officer. Despite a year of change, the golden arches remains highly relevant to 69 million daily consumers through greater choice and localization, consistent global brand expression, and customer experience. Menu additions, including the Egg White Delight and Premium Chicken Wraps, were introduced in response to changing consumer eating habits and the brand’s commitment to nutrition and well-being—not to mention the explosive growth of healthy quick-service eateries. With the modern redesign of its locations, McDonald’s repositioned itself to broaden accessibility overall, stretching into the more upscale quick-service restaurant space while returning to its original pricing strategy of everyday value all around the world, focusing on offering a wide variety of menu items at lower price points. Its sustainability efforts were also praised, notably its eco-friendly London 2012 restaurant during the Olympic Games and sustainable seafood commitment. Growing to 34,000 restaurants globally, McDonald’s continues to focus on Asia, where it must find the product sweet spot for consumers across the region, a key to successful expansion and relevancy in the market.