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As CEO John Donahoe puts it, “We are no longer just an e-commerce company.” Aggressively moving beyond its legacy as the web’s communal auction house, eBay is pursuing an ambitious vision. A new logo and visual identity shows a re-energized brand on the offensive, setting its sights beyond its traditional space. The brand is already a leader in e-commerce—thanks to its mobile leadership, in 2013 the company expects to generate USD $20 billion of mobile commerce and payments volume—and faces competition from the likes of Square, Google, Apple, and Visa. This past summer, eBay Inc. partnered with Kate Spade Saturday to launch 24-hour shoppable storefronts on the streets of New York. This unique end-to-end customer experience highlighted best practices in mobile technology, eBay Now same-day delivery, and PayPal Here’s mobile payment solution. Following additional tests of the eBay Now app with retail partners including Macy’s, Home Depot, and Walgreens, the brand is planning to expand its availability to more cities across the US by the end of this year. It's currently available in San Francisco, New York and San Jose. By the end of the year, eBay Now will be available to eBay.com users who want to shop for items from select local retailers and get them delivered in about an hour. Responding to the reputational threat of vendors misusing its platforms, eBay also proactively supports legitimate sellers with its Seller Protection Policy and team. Its zeal for innovation is only one part of the story, however, as eBay must communicate the emotional aspect of the brand across all touchpoints to its 120 million active users if it really wants its big bets to pay off.