Sector Overviews


Putting Passengers in the Captain's Seat

By Stuart Green

Airlines face incredible economic, environmental and regulatory challenges, but the sector's audience is poised to grow exponentially. Leaders must focus on an integrated customer experience.


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Looking Beyond Trends to Real Life

By Bertrand Chovet

Fashion is about more than trend-setting. Leaders must listen to, learn from, and work with consumers to meet their ever-evolving needs.


Shifting Gears: How Consumers are Steering Auto Brands' Future

By Michel Gabriel and Andrew Martschenko

As consumer needs and attitudes about car purchases shift, automotive brand leaders are racing to stay ahead of trends. Success lies in empowering brand ambassadors.

Business Services

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Making Business Services Brands Unbreakable

By Josh Feldmeth

Building strong business services brands can seem daunting. A clearly defined strategy to communicate that purpose will make the task easier and more rewarding.

Consumer Goods

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Seeking Value That Outlasts Products

By Elan Cole

To differentiate in the crowded consumer brands space, leaders must believe in the power of their brand—and take a stand..


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How Digital-savvy Brands Bring Customers into the C-Suite

By Dominik von Jan

Digital tools can unlock opportunities for brands to connect with consumers and build loyalty, but don't forget the power of personality.


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Finding the Courage to Lead, the Humility to Partner

By Tom Zara

Collaboration and transparency will empower brand leaders, employees, and the public alike to collectively work to sustainably meet the world's energy needs.

Financial Services

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Moving Towards a New "New Normal

By Carola Jain

Social and digital startups are shaking up the financial services sector as organizations navigate the reset marketplace. Here's what companies can learn from non-traditional brands.

Food & Beverage

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Logic, Emotion, and Appetite: Food & Beverage Brands’ Ingredients for Success

By Bill Chidley

Sustainability and health concerns are changing the way food and beverage brands do business. These challenges also present an opportunity to create meaningful change.


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A Prescription for Leadership and Innovation

By Jane Parker & Wes Wilkes

How healthcare brands can learn from the success stories of brands in other sectors to build meaningful connections with consumers.


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Checking in with Consumers

By Nicholas Lakas

Putting people first through committed service to customers and internal brand engagement can enable hospitality brands to forge relationships and build brand loyalty.


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From Masters to Concierges

By Manfredi Ricca

It's time to rethink what the luxury experience is for customers and embrace a focus on excellence.


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A New Dynamic Emerges

By Cassidy Morgan

Media brands are growing in fast-developing markets. Creating seamless, integrated experiences across platforms for consumers will help them continue to grow globally.


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What's in Store, and Why Shoppers Should Care

By Lee Carpenter

With the line blurring between online and bricks-and-mortar shopping, retail brands must personalize the omnichannel experience for customers.


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How to Compete on a Global Playing Field

By Jonathan Bernstein

Sports brands are differentiating and offering richer fan experiences through social media as they play on an increasingly global field.


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Find Big Problems. Solve. Repeat.

By Nirm Shanbhag

Tech brands span diverse product offerings and business models, but each can benefit from leadership that celebrates customer relationships and holistic thinking.


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The Big Picture for Telecom Brands? It's Bigger than Telecom

By Kevin Perlmutter

Staying ahead in the telecom sector demands more than innovation alone. It's time for cultural change.