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1 Coca-Cola70,452 ($m)
2 IBM64,727 ($m)
3 Microsoft60,895 ($m)
4 Google43,557 ($m)
5 GE42,808 ($m)
6 McDonald's33,578 ($m)
7 Intel32,015 ($m)
8 Nokia29,495 ($m)
9 Disney28,731 ($m)
10 HP26,867 ($m)
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Gaëlle Olivier, AXA Group Communication and Corporate Manager And Olivier Mariee, Group Executive Vice President Marketing and Distribution AXA

In this "age of responsibility" how do you see your customer changing?

Customers are looking for responsible companies and products, and want to know more about the financial stability of any potential partner. The financial sector is one of the most distrusted, and the financial crisis has only reinforced this perception. Therefore, adopting a transparent, clear and open attitude toward customers is critical to success. Promises are not enough to engage customers, now it is all about proving that the company is worth trusting. This is why at AXA we have put "the strategy of proof" at the core of all of our marketing actions. Attentive, available, and reliable are the three values that AXA is promoting internally to build external trust in our organization and products.

How do you expect the changing role of digital marketing to influence your brand strategy?

The insurance market has changed dramatically over the past decade with the rise of digital marketing. From a pure “push” business model (where distributors push products to customers), our sector is progressively evolving toward a “pull” model, where customers are choosing and becoming more selective. Today, customers are able to get much more information about their insurance. Online quotes, web comparators, selling modules, and social media are enabling customers to better decide which products and services best fit their needs. So, before buying a product they now can compare prices and get other clients' assessments. In this context, above-the-line and below-the-line communications are key, increasingly impacting the decision process of our clients and prospects. More and more, the most effective communications are the ones that allow interactions with customers. Classic top-down communications are progressively moving toward 2.0 types of dialogues between brands and their targets. Web marketing is therefore a key component of our overall brand marketing strategy.

How much of a role does corporate citizenship play in managing your brand?

The values and behaviors of our company have become a top-ranked dimension of the selection process for our clients, prospects, business partners, distributors, employees and the talent we want to attract. Corporate citizenship plays a central role in our brand strategy. The AXA brand is the name of our company; it embodies our values and behaviors. AXA is acting as a responsible corporation and so are our employees. It’s time we let the world know this.


Gaelle Olivier
AXA Group Communication and Corporate Manager
After completing her engineering studies at Ecole Polytechnique, France, Gaëlle Olivier graduated from ENSAE and passed her actuary diploma. She started her career at Credit Lyonnais, working on financial engineering of equity derivative products. She then joined AXA Investment Managers to structure and develop share ownership programs for external customers before taking at the AXA Group level the Group Boards Secretary and CEO’s Executive Assistant position. She relocated to AXA Japan for five years, initially in the Investment department and then joined the Management Committee, in charge of Strategy, Audit, Corporate Secretary and Winterthur integration. She took the responsibility of Communication and Corporate Responsibility at the Group level in June 2009.

Olivier Mariée
AXA Group Marketing and Distribution Senior Executive Vice President

Olivier Mariée joined the AXA Group in 1992 and was appointed Marketing and Distribution Senior Executive Vice President in November 2009. As the Group Marketing and Distribution Senior Executive Vice President, Olivier has accountability for the AXA brand and marketing strategy, leading distribution efficiency improvements program. Prior to this, Olivier held the role of AXA UK Group communication and marketing director in London for three years. Before this appointment he was Vice President of Customer Care and Distribution in AXA Group Headquarters in Paris and Director of Customer Relationship Management in AXA Life Japan. Olivier has also been head of Private Banking for AXA Investment Managers. Mariée is a graduate of the business school Institut Supérieur de Gestion in France.