Alison Cardy

Managing Director, HMKM

Alison Cardy is the Managing Director of HMKM, an Interbrand Group company providing award-winning retail experience design to brands around the world. She joined HMKM in 1999 after working with Next Retail under the entrepreneurial leadership of designer and retailer, George Davies. She later joined David Davies Associates—a multi-disciplinary design consultancy that was at the forefront of the retail design revolution of the 1980s and 1990s—where she met the directors of HMKM. Today, Alison fronts HMKM’s growth and secures its longevity in the multi-disciplinary design industry by ensuring the highest quality and creativity of deliverables for the firm’s global client base.

In managing what has become the retail design arm of Interbrand, Alison also directs the integration of two highly complementary businesses. As retail brand experiences continue to evolve at a rapid pace, physical stores will remain an essential point of engagement for these brands. HMKM’s expertise in delivering holistic retail concepts combined with Interbrand’s creative and strategic thinking brings tremendous value to their joint client base—resulting in richer and more engaging experiences that connect seamlessly across all channels and environments.