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Beto Almeida

CEO, Interbrand São Paulo

Beto Almeida, CEO of Interbrand in Sao Paulo, has almost 30 years of experience in creating and managing brands, combining creative strategies with the development of unique and inspiring identity systems that position companies for significant growth.

Having led several iconic cases, such as the creation of LATAM Airlines, the first genuinely Latin American company, or the merger between Itaú and Unibanco, which resulted in the most valuable brand in the country, Beto believes that the real growth occurs when the company puts the brand at the heart of the business and part of its daily effort is to translate this thinking into relevant, striking and captivating experiences throughout each stakeholders journey.

His work is consistently recognized at the most important creativity festivals in the world, such as IF Awards, Red Dot, Rebrand, ABRE, IDEA, among others. Today, Betocommands ABEDESIGN’s Strategy Board and is responsible for the strategic planning of the largest association of design companies in Latin America.

In addition to having articles and interviews published in the most important Brazilian media, Beto is a frequent speaker in colleges and creativity festivals where he seeks to share in a simple and inspiring way all the knowledge acquired throughout his rich career.

Other clients who excel in his experience: Natura, Cyrela, Living, Samsung, Netshoes, Syngenta, Allianz, Alpargatas, Brastemp, Embraco, Consul, Bunge, Hypermarcas, Alvean, Brado, Sicredi, Santander, Getnet, Volkswagen, Votorantim, Citrosuco, Fibria, Beauty’in, Éh! Cosméticos, Braskem, Monsanto, etc.


Biggest professional achievement?

One of the greatest moments in  my professional career was the Petrobras Formula 1 sponsorship project in 2007 with BMW Williams.  I was introduced to the entire team,  including Mr. Frank Williams in  Imola. It was amazing to design all touchpoints from the F1 cars, the pilots and team outfits, the transportation trucks so far so on.


Best piece of leadership advice you ever received?

Listen and observe well. Listen to your people, to your clients, to their clients. Observe their behavior, the world around you. And then act. Actions are louder than words.


Something unusual about yourself that most people at work don’t know?

I used to participate in Rally  Races. Actually racing in general  is something that I love. Despite  of that, my child dream was to  became a National Geographic

professional photographer. Always  love photography in general.


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