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Gonzalo Brujó

Global Chief Growth Officer

Gonzalo is Global Chief Growth Officer at Interbrand. He leads the regional corporate group, spearheading the growth agenda and supporting marketing and consulting efforts in the region.

Gonzalo is a trusted partner of a diverse array of leading companies, multinationals and public institutions, managing strategic projects across every aspect of branding, marketing and communication. He has worked with well-known prestigious companies across all sectors: banking & financial services, telecommunications, automotive, airlines, transport, fashion, luxury, FMCG, food & beverages and technology, amongst others.

Gonzalo is also a regular speaker at conferences, a columnist, a published author and a professor at several business schools.

He is the author of a number of books including Lanmarq, Cómo gestionar marcas de moda (Managing brands in fashion), En clave the marcas (Branding brands), El glosario de las marcas (Glossary of brands, in Spanish) and La Nueva generación de valor (The new generation of value) and has collaborated in La Imagen de España en el Mundo (The image of Spain in the world), Atlas de las marcas líderes Española (Atlas of the Spanish leading companies), Las PYMES en España (SMEs in Spain), Secretos de Lujo (The secrets of luxury), La internacionalización y la Competitividad de la Economía Española (Internationalization and competitiveness of the Spanish Economy).

Before joining Interbrand, Gonzalo was the Managing Director for Futurebrand and Executive Vice-President and Director of Green Team Advertising in New York.

Gonzalo holds a BA in Communications, Political Science and Sociology from Wheaton College, Norton, MA. He also attended Harvard, MA, the American University of Paris and the College for International Studies in Madrid, in affiliation with Bentley College, Waltham, MA.


Biggest professional achievement?

For me, there isn’t a ‘biggest’ professional achievement, it is the sum of many achievements throughout the different stages of my professional career.


Best piece of leadership advice you ever received?

Always listen.


Something unusual about yourself that most people at work don’t know?

Nobody knows that when I was a child I was an actor for commercials on national television.

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