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Nathan Birch

Chief Executive Officer, Interbrand Australia

Nathan is the CEO of Interbrand Australia.  With over 20 years management consulting and digital strategy, CX and brand strategy experience, Nathan has led strategic and large-scale transformation projects in the UK, US, and Australia.  He has developed a critical perspective on the role of brand within broader strategy formulation.  Nathan provides strategic advice to C-suite and board level members, and helps to identify opportunities and threats that impact their business deriving from branding strategy, digital disruption and innovation.

  What is your biggest professional achievement? Turning around a failing business in a sector I’ve had no experience in.   What is the best piece of leadership advice you ever received? “Just think twice before you start a  fight with a plasterer...” Kenneth Birch  1990. Which I took to mean, think  about the timing and implications of  your actions, as much as the action  itself. And choose your battles wisely — when to act, and when not to act.    
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