Culture evolves, customer expectation shifts.
Someone is already rethinking your category.

Today’s products, experiences and brands are cultural artefacts that give insight into our social, commercial and industrial lives. They tell stories of affiliation and rebellion. Of provenance and advancement. The value of these contemporary totems is driven not simply by what they are, but by what they express.

And in consumers’ quest for expression, we see a shift. While once they would signify economic capital, the advent of the knowledge economy and the financial crisis of 2008 shifted expression to intellectual capital. Now, amid a revolution in social justice we see another shift emerging – towards ethical capital.

The express arena is a broad, complex and dynamic space of those products, experiences and brands that address consumers’ fundamental motivation to express identity – as they navigate a changing world.

The brands that get it right create extraordinary relevance and heightened value. The brands that do not are being challenged by unexpected players. Culture evolves, customer expectation shifts – someone is already rethinking your category.

Read on for Global Chief Strategy Officer Manfredi Ricca’s Express Arena overview.

Discover the artefacts and rituals that tell us stories of what’s next…

Sandro Botticelli, Primavera, 1470/1480 circa, detail.

Blake Kathryn & Paris Hilton, Iconic Crypto Queen, 2021 (courtesy of Nifty Gateway).

The Express Arena is a $416bn* opportunity

*Market sizing in partnership with Mario Ortelli, Managing Director Ortelli&Co, Jaime Asensio and Camila Acosta.

Lauren Greenfield/Institute

Economic Capital

A look back at the ostentatious tribes of the early 2000s, through the lens of Lauren Greenfield, director, anthropologist and author. Lauren directed the award winning ad campaign, “Like A Girl”.

Michelle Groskopf for The New York Times

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Ethical Capital

A detailed look at one of today’s most lucrative and powerful contemporary tribes, connected by the belief that “health is wealth” and the Erewhon Grocery in LA, via The New York Times.

Explore consumers’ shifting identities, values and ideologies.

BTS X McDonald’s Melting Packable Bag (courtesy of Weverse shop). Hermès Kelly bag (courtesy of Farfetch shop).

Is your brand ready for the Express Arena?


Apple Watch Nike (courtesy of Apple shop). Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse (courtesy of Patek Philippe shop).

Global leaders give us their exclusive take

Decorative basketball with Gucci logo (courtesy of Gucci shop).


Interbrand Arenas

Culture evolves, customer expectation shifts. Someone is already rethinking your category.

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