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World Vision lights up Brand New

July 19, 2017


For a cause that’s close to our heart, it’s lovely to see a positive reaction from the industry for one of our latest projects.

“Keeping the same elements of the old logo, the new one is technically better in every respect: removing the gradient from the star, balancing the sizing between icon and wordmark, and removing the “io” ligature, make it a much better, more functional logo. Also transforming the icon into a repeating device that becomes shorthand for World Vision is — despite seeming simple or perhaps obvious — smart and it works surprisingly well, given that it’s kind of an unwieldy shape. Further, I don’t think I’ve ever admired Gill Sans so much; it works amazingly well with the beacon and in application as the key font. The absolute best, though, are the last few images of the beacon paired with the different subjects, from “Teacher” to “Rice”, very powerful combinations that establish a strong bond between the organization and the tangible (and sometimes intangible) things they help with.” Armin Vit – Brand New

See the full article here.

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