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Look different

Bailey Nelson
Bailey Nelson is a different kind of eyewear operation. In an overpriced and uninspired industry, their mission is to make buying glasses one of life’s pleasures.

How? Through beautiful, affordable eyewear, warm, inviting stores, and passionate, genuine people. But as their small business began to grow, they realised they needed a better way to protect their culture, communicate their offering, and ultimately define their identity and destiny. They needed a brand that meant more than good glasses.

Because Bailey Nelson has always provided affordable eyewear, customers often bought multiple pairs to suit their different activities, lifestyles and even moods. In short? They used their glasses to express themselves. We tapped into this benefit to create a brand around the idea of ‘Look Different’ – an invitation and celebration of individuality. It became a lens through which to approach not only their brand and communications, but also business decisions like who to hire. And now — with stores opening all over the world— Bailey Nelson’s future is looking brighter than ever.

"From the thoughts in our heads to the very shape of our faces, no one's quite the same as anyone else. And that's just the way we like it." – Bailey Nelson
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