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Lighting up NZ TV

Neon and SKY
SKY has led New Zealand’s TV industry for over two decades. But the rapid rise of digital unearthed a new threat to television companies worldwide: video-streaming and illegal downloading services.

Their solution was simple – they’d create a video-streaming service of their own. But figuring out how it would look, sound, and work? Less simple. They needed a brand that could shape their service’s development, bring it to life, and convince Kiwis that the old TV network could compete in this new era.

Introducing NEON. The service’s user interface (UI), accounts for 90% of the user’s experience with the brand – so that’s where we started. We knew that they’d want to get from searching for content to watching it as quickly and easily as possible. And with that front of mind, we created NEON – a bright, bold, brand of the future. Once you switch it ‘on’, it helps you find what you need, and then gets out of the way. So you can forget about your world, and drift effortlessly into another.

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