The SKY is the limit

SKY has long been the biggest player in New Zealand’s TV industry.

But although Kiwis have always loved SKY’s content, they haven’t always loved the brand. It was this, coupled with the challenges faced by the pay-TV industry at a global level, which led to SKY taking stock of its business to prepare for the future. And that’s what led them to us.

We decided the best way forward was to remind Kiwis of SKY’s role in bringing them the content they love so dearly. And so The Expedition was born – a brand identity that heroes the energy and emotion of TV. Using the two triangles found in SKY’s old logotype, and a more inviting, more Kiwi tone of voice, it invites customers on an adventure into the remarkable world of entertainment.

"We helped create a brand identity system that heroes the emotions of TV, while helping customers to navigate a remarkable world of content." – Ben Miles, Creative Director Interbrand Australia
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