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Shaping a new generation of supporters

World Vision Australia
World Vision is famous for pioneering child sponsorship. But these days, their ambitions and their impact extend much further.

World Vision provides short and long-term assistance to over 100 million people worldwide. Established in 1950, they pioneered the concept of child sponsorship, paving the way for a host of charities and other non-government organisations to follow. Over the years their ambition expanded, their focus shifting from protecting children to helping entire communities. And as such, their brand, and business, had to change.

“The organisation needed to pay as much attention to their supporters as they do to the communities they help.” – Michael Bloom, Strategy Director Interbrand AU

Interbrand Australia was brought on board in 2015. Working closely with the World Vision team, they set the organisation on a new path. Instead of focusing on the themes of loss and hopelessness that have become a staple of the charity sector, World Vision would seek to empower and inspire. It would motivate its audience into action, showing them how easy it is to get started, where their money will go, and inviting them to become change makers. In doing so, they could break poverty down, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit, until it’s something everyone can work at and solve together.

“These days there’s a new breed of supporter, who demand more choice, information and transparency than ever before. So that’s what World Vision needed to provide – a platform for meaningful progress.” – Ben Miles, Creative Director Interbrand AU

Building a community of change makers

That brand idea became central to the organisation. New values and principles were born from it, championing innovation, action, and backing meaningful projects. The business would restructure itself, and become more like the change makers they had in the field – resourceful, resolute. And with the business transformed, it was time for the brand.

“We wanted to push the definition of what kind of organisation we were, and Interbrand helped us reimagine ourselves from the inside out.” – Archie Haramis, Creative Director World Vision

With so much equity already built into the brand, World Vision was reluctant to change its logo, typeface and hero colour palette. So Interbrand repurposed them. The word mark and logo were separated for the first-ever time, with the logo – or ‘Beacon’ as it came to be called – used to draw attention to the various causes, projects and people that World Vision supports. Bold and adaptable, the Beacon acts as a guiding light for change makers, as well as a symbol of hope for those who need it most.

“Like all good collaborations, we built on each other’s ideas and strategies. But ultimately there was a lot of trust from both sides. We let Interbrand into our business, and they let us into theirs.” – Archie Haramis, Creative Director World Vision

“The organisation needed to pay as much attention to their supporters as they do to the communities they help.” – Michael Bloom, Strategy Director Interbrand
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