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Staying ahead of trends drives this top industrial manufacturing company. The 3M brand offers a wide variety of products in nearly 200 countries-products spanning the consumer, electronics, energy, healthcare, industrial, and safety sectors. 3M increased sales 3 percent from last year and continues to grow its profits by being the brand that enables other brands to succeed. Innovation is a constant for 3M, and the brand's introduction of new types of technology continues to change the way we live, build, and work in significant ways. This year, the brand introduced innovations in insulation, oral scanners, touchscreen sensors, and LED lighting. To keep customers updated on its constantly changing products, the brand is increasing its presence in social media, print, commercials, and online advertisements. Sustainability is also an important part of 3M's ethos and day-to-day business practice. Since 1973, 3M has been dedicated to using less energy through its Energy Management Department-with nearly 50 percent of worldwide energy consumption being indexed to net sales. The brand is also increasing its investments in solar and wind power as an alternative to fossil fuels. 3M has been taking proactive environmental measures to reduce pollution globally for decades through its Pollution Prevention Pays initiative. Since it launched in 1975, over 3.8 billion pounds of pollution have been eliminated. A testament to its leadership in this area, 3M has consistently been ranked among Interbrand's Best Global Green Brands and Ethisphere Institute included 3M in its World's Most Ethical Companies of 2014 list. 3M also makes a difference through its foundation, 3Mgives, which celebrated its 60th anniversary this year and has donated USD $60.2 million toward education and to benefit communities. By continuing to create innovative products, while using resources sustainably and engaging communities, 3M has found an effective strategy for maintaining its market leadership. 

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