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Accenture, with its "High Performance. Delivered." tagline, maintains a prominent and consistent presence among professional services brands. Deep investment in training for its worldwide staff ensures a strong level of internal clarity, which translates into a seamless experience for clients around the globe. After reorganizing in 2013, Accenture announced a refreshed set of capabilities to signal the brand's goal of competing more equitably against specialized competitors. Traditionally known for its technology expertise, the brand has developed significant strengths in other business areas, and started identifying those services more clearly to meet growing customer demand. By moving from its former "Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing" line-up to a new focus on "Strategy, Digital, Technology and Operations," Accenture is now better positioned to capture increased opportunities online. The Accenture Digital growth platform, staffed by 28,000 digital professionals, gives the brand a new, competitive advantage. And Accenture's services have never been in higher demand, with record levels of both booked and recognized revenue. This bodes well for a brand that enjoys impressive brand loyalty-91 of its 100 largest clients have used its services for at least a decade. Over the past three fiscal years, total annual return to shareholders (including dividends) of 28 percent have outpaced the S&P 500 by 10 percentage points. To deliver on its promise, this high performance brand must continue to build on its success by remaining differentiated from its competition.

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