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Last year, Adobe, the multinational computer software company, moved its well-known creative suite to the cloud and, at the company's 2014 summit, it became clear just how prescient that step was for the brand's future. Adobe unveiled its vision for the evolution of marketing: a two-pronged solution that bridges the previously existing Creative Cloud to the new Marketing Cloud. The brand hopes to position itself as a single source for a full spectrum of marketing efforts-from the creation of materials to distribution, management, and even measurement across platforms. It is a natural extension of the progress Adobe has made in integrating its products with social media and allows for increased sharing and personalization for customers. The business strategy has been well received by investors as well, despite the costs required to make the transformation to the cloud.  One key strand to the new direction is thought leadership-and Adobe has taken up the mantle of educating both consumers and marketers about the cloud. The brand's continues to be a valuable platform in this regard. It has steadily evolved in an effort to form a strong global marketing community. Creativity is at the heart of the brand, and will remain key in attracting marketers intent on rolling out cohesive, high quality content and digital campaigns. Adobe is well positioned to gain market leadership among both creative and business circles, however, it will need to communicate the benefits of the efficiency and simplicity that lie at the core of the two cloud solution. Breaking down barriers between creative services and marketing is an ambitious goal and true success will be measured by Adobe's impact on its customers' business results.

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