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With worldwide sales and revenue down 16 percent in 2013 due to a steep decline in purchases of mining equipment, Caterpillar, the iconic construction and mining manufacturer chose to increase relevance by connecting emotionally with consumers rather than having its stats do the heavy lifting. The "Stack" YouTube video for its first-ever, major global branding campaign, "Built for It," featured a massive-scale Jenga game played with a variety of Caterpillar machines. The ad stacked up an impressive 1.2 million views within days and broadened brand awareness and appeal. This rebranding campaign not only displays the precision and power of the brand's machines, but makes clear its promise to provide customer satisfaction with the tagline "Designed to get it done. No matter what 'it' is." As of June 2014, retail sales were up in North America and profit margins rose. Caterpillar has always championed innovation. The brand is constantly developing new machinery that fits the world's growing demands for technology, quality, and sustainability. By partnering with universities and researchers, Caterpillar is able to laser focus its engineering to create products that meet changing needs. In terms of corporate citizenship, The Caterpillar Foundation is focused on access to education, preserving the environment, and providing emergency relief. Its latest initiative aims to empower women and girls around the world through education. By focusing on innovation and retail products geared toward new and shifting demographics, Caterpillar may have passed the financial bump in the road and be paving the way to future success.




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