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Is it a networking brand-or an infrastructure brand that makes the internet possible? Cisco, which designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment, is making a leap toward the latter, while it positions itself as integral to everyday life. The "Internet of Everything" campaign is still alive and well, telling the singular story of how Cisco connects the previously unconnected. The company aims to increase its presence within the global marketplace, from IP phones used throughout offices and home network equipment to advertising, sponsorship, and promotion events. Investments made in 2012 and 2013 are starting to pay off. Cisco is now in a thought leadership position in terms of how technology continues to transform the world. A significant investment in communications also helps generate awareness; 20 percent of revenue is dedicated exclusively to sales and marketing efforts. As IT infrastructure becomes more of a backbone for global businesses, this focus on telling the Cisco story makes Cisco in effect its own ambassador. But it's not all marketing hype-the proof is in the production line. Cisco's speed-to-market has increased from 3-5 years to 12-18 months. As the nuts and bolts of Cisco's offering become more complex, it will need to focus on making sure the "Internet of Everything" idea can be constantly adapted to keep pace with changing levels of knowledge-keeping customers interested and up-to-speed. 

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