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Citi, the 202-year old multinational banking and financial services corporation, garnered negative media attention at the beginning of 2014 when it failed the Federal Reserve's stress test for the second time in three years, uncovered fraud in its Mexican operations and watched the popular New York City bicycle-sharing program it sponsors, Citi Bike, struggle logistically and financially. Despite all of this, Citi continued to focus its strategy around three dominant trends: globalization, urbanization, and digitization. Digital, in particular, has been a key investment area that appears to be paying off with Citi taking the top honor in Global Finance Magazine's 2013 World's Best Internet Bank Awards

The focus appears to be paying off with Citi posting solid results at the end of both Q1 and Q2 and serving as a sponsor of the 2014 Winter Olympic & Paralympic Games. Throughout the Games, Citi's fully integrated marketing campaign "Enabling Progress" reinforced both its banking products and its ongoing commitment to assisting its consumers on their journeys "from ambition to achievement." More recently, Citi celebrated its 9th annual Global Community Day with more than 70,000 employees volunteering in 93 countries. Such marketing campaigns and Corporate Citizenship efforts have enabled Citi to connect with both its consumers and its employees alike -and positively impact its brand value in the process. In July, Citi agreed to pay USD $7 billion to settle claims relating to the sales of mortgages in the run-up to the 2008 financial crisis. CEO Michael Corbat stated, "We believe that this settlement is in the best interests of our shareholders, and allows us to move forward and to focus on the future." By righting the wrongs of the past and in building upon a foundation of operational strength, Citi is in a position to leverage its brand to build affinity and drive choice with its customers in the year ahead.

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