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Constellation's acquisition of Grupo Modelo's U.S. beer business from Anheuser-Busch InBev paved the way for Corona' s current growth trajectory. Despite a recent slowdown in U.S. beer sales, Corona is on the rise. The emotional value of the brand's positioning-escapism-has global appeal and, as a result, the brand has achieved record growth, increased local market share and strengthened brand affinity. Since 1981, Corona has consistently communicated the value of a laid-back lifestyle. It recently expanded the summer appeal of "beachiness" to reach year-round consumers and to also connect with older consumers. The Effie award-winning "Find Your Beach" campaign effectively communicates that a beach is wherever the beer is-in a city bar, on a rooftop or on a snowy peak. Showing innovation and responsiveness, Corona Extra ran its first bilingual (English/Spanish) summer campaign, "Fill Your Summer" in the U.S. And in response to consumer demand, Corona launched Corona Light on draft. These are some of the reasons why Corona is the most exported Mexican beer, the leading brand in Mexico, and the most sold Mexican beer in the world. Though the brand's authenticity is rooted in the beer's Mexican heritage, it is now sold in more than 170 countries, on five continents, and it leads in the import segment in almost 50 countries. Corona's sponsorship of music and sports events, its iconic, transparent bottle-always topped with a lime wedge-and its consistently marketed message that 'beachiness is a state of mind', has made it a top thirst-quencher and a leading global brand.


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