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By demonstrating an ongoing capacity to respond to and anticipate market changes, Danone remains a strong player in the yogurt market. It successfully entered the Greek yogurt product category, competing against Chobani-and is competing in the gluten-free market as well. Danone is also adopting more eco-friendly, sustainable packaging and has created Nutriplanet, a database that gathers dietary, nutrition, and health data in different cultures and communities to foster the development of specific products adapted to local issues. Entry into the world of big data, however, brings great responsibility and even greater consumer scrutiny. Some of the more informed, highly social consumers are challenging Danone to keep its promise of "looking after everyone's health." Danone's mission includes the promise to contribute to everyone's well-being through 100 percent health-driven products, and some recent product issues like the baby food safety scare in China, put Danone's authenticity and heritage at risk. Danone's ability to keep its promises, deal with issues swiftly and transparently, and meet the high expectations of each of its target audiences, will be key to guaranteeing the brand's future success.

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