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Disney's long-term strategy emphasizes creativity, innovative use of technology, and global growth. The sharpness of its focus in these areas drives increased alignment and commitment throughout the 91-year-old organization. But perhaps the real key to Disney's brand strength is its use of technology and data to understand what customers want and personalize their experiences. The addition of Jack Dorsey, Chairman of Twitter Inc. and CEO of Square Inc., to the Walt Disney Co. board signifies the company's commitment to leveraging next generation media and platforms to increase relevance.

To meet consumer demand for multi-platform access to content, Disney announced an exclusive deal to create Marvel programming for Netflix by 2015 and acquired YouTube network Maker Studios, the top online video network for millennials. It also debuted the groundbreaking, free Disney Movies Anywhere app on iTunes, enabling seamless access to in-app purchases and previous Disney content bought on iTunes. In late 2013, the brand's interactive division launched Disney Infinity, a new platform for gamers that opens up opportunity to create stories and play experiences starring Disney and Disney/Pixar characters, and Disney Animated, Apple's App of the Year 2013. Disney is also embracing new technologies that are making vacation experiences more personal, customizable, and connected than ever. Through MyMagic+, plans can now be made online or via mobile and new RFID ticketing technology opens up access to the Disney experience of one's design.

The box office success of Frozen revitalized the brand as a global blockbuster powerhouse. Along with the U.K. and Japan, China and Russia are now among the largest markets for Disney's movies. 

Disney's commitment to Corporate Citizenship has also strengthened its brand. Disney won the Social Good category in the 2013 CSR Awards and placed joint first in Reputation Institute's list of the World's Most Reputable Companies (as judged by consumers). By continuing to grow its reputation for second-to-none family entertainment globally, increasing focus on next-generation media and platforms, and taking its customer experience to the next level through technology and personalization, Disney is ready to thrive in the Age of You.

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