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Duracell is "trusting its power" to maintain its position as the world's #1 battery-and stay ahead of its chief competitor, Energizer. Through newly created communications across its media mix, product innovations, and retail partnerships, the brand has made positive strides toward solidifying its brand value and connecting emotionally with consumers. Messages that focus on core benefits like "trust the power within" have increased consumer understanding of the brand and the "Trust Your Power" campaign, featuring Paralympic snowboarder Amy Purdy and deaf NFL fullback Derrick Coleman, were especially effective. As Duracell faces the market shift in battery usage from disposable to rechargeable, its focus on the emotional connection will be key to maintaining--and increasing--relevance.

 Duracell continues to respond to consumer demands through innovation and new product launches. New technologies in rechargeable batteries, longer lasting energy storage times (Duralock) and synergies with wireless iPhone charging (PowerMat) demonstrate responsiveness to a changing marketplace. Duracell is working to further increase its presence by forging retailer-specific partnerships and nudging competitors out of view in the process. These retailer programs will become increasingly important as consumer education on new battery technology grows in importance.  Creative initiatives, like rolling out its PowerMat product across U.S. branches of Starbucks, demonstrate that Duracell knows how to reach a different audience in order to increase its presence. Duracell continues to leverage its strong visual assets with consistency, building on successes such as last year's award-winning "Positive and Negative" campaign in India. This discipline, when combined with its moves to stake out more emotional territory, enable Duracell to own a unique position in the battery market and continue to increase market share.

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